1. ON/OFF - Click the wing/paw to turn the Fuzzy Flyer on. After a period of no interaction, it will let you know that it is “nap time” and turn off.

  1. INTERACTION - Tap, shake, or toss to interact with the Fuzzy Flyer and elicit silly responses. See what happens if you keep it shaking. Toss the Fuzzy Flyer to the sky to go for a new high toss record!

  1. GAMES - Once awake, click the wing/paw to start the game currently selected. Hold the wing/paw to change games, then click at any point to start that game. When the Fuzzy Flyer goes to sleep, it will reset to the first game.

  1. VOLUME - Each Fuzzy Flyer has two volume settings - the default is high volume. To switch to the low volume setting, access the plastic module by opening up the Velcro. Then toggle the switch to the middle position.

  1. SHUTDOWN - To prevent the toy from turning on with a click of the wing/paw, use the manual shutdown switch. Access the plastic module by opening up the Velcro, then toggle the switch to the off position.

  1. REPLACING BATTERIES - If the Fuzzy Flyer sound is distorted, it is likely time to change the batteries. Access the plastic module by opening up the Velcro. Use a small, Phillips-head screwdriver to open the battery panel. Replace the batteries in operation with three new AAA batteries. *Make sure to orient the batteries as shown on the plastic. Replace the panel using the same metal screw to hold it in place.